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Thanks to the Volunteers

We have a couple of volunteers working with us on the Tudor Collins project, Robyn Entwistle and Kerryn Olsen.

Without their help, sorting through and processing such a large amount of photographic material would take us more than twice as long, so we are very thankful for their input.

Robyn, who has come up from Wellington for a month, has just finished a post graduate diploma in museum studies at Massey university and, “wanted some practical experience and some hands-on museum time.”

Her first impressions about the Tudor Collins collection were,  “They are really beautiful images with occasional surprises like the cat on the sailors hat and it is very interesting to see the way the photographer has framed his images. It gives a good snapshot of the times, the Pacific Islands and life in the Navy in those days.”

From here, Robyn hopes to move on to a full time museum position working with collections or exhibitions.

Kerryn has a PHD in Medieval History and English and is doing a post graduate diploma in museum studies at Massey university. She has taught English in China and Thailand and has been teaching and tutoring at Auckland university.

Volunteers give of their time so generously, it is hard to know how to thank them enough, so




Posted on November 28, 2013
Filed under: Tudor Collins Photographic Collection

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