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second installment

This really is the second installment…. many have been trashed!… too long… too wordy….not the ‘right’ look for what I wish…..

So the preparation has been going on in earnest!…  so far just preparation, not a lot to see other than paper drafts … notes… scribbles…deletions/additions/ sidebars…. an awful lot of reading/writing/research/refining and more refining….getting down to the simple essence of what it is I want…..It is so easy to get sidetracked!……..

In my “minds’-eye ” I can see it …. now it is up to getting that out so all can see it!

All that refining and finally being able to begin the actual work!….the actual painting of these pieces. Yes I have the planning for at least five works.

I am at the painting stage!…..that in it self is no mean feat……large ungainly wet painted lengths of cloth that need to be stretched evenly, fine days required to dry after each undercover washing line makes the most of Aucklands’ inclement weather patterns.

I’m underway… the focus really begins….concentrated focus…that in no ways means the works are not still going to ‘develop’ in ways outside the initial planning… is art and there will always be some things that require unexpected changes to the initial plans!….will keep you posted!


Posted on September 2, 2012
Filed under: Devonport Details and Design

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