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Let me introduce myself…

Firstly, let me introduce myself.  My name is Hickleberry Hound, Hick for short.  I have the honour of being chosen by theNavyMuseumto represent my fellow animals who served in the navy.  Yes, you read right, I served in the navy.I served aboard HMNZS Hickleton during the Malayan/Indonesian confrontation in the ‘60s.  I was volunteered for service in 1965 as a wee pup and served as the ship’s mascot.

When I heard that theNavyMuseumwas running an exhibition about animals in the navy, I demanded to be a part of it.  I quickly found out that it didn’t work like that.  They asked for ex-mascots to submit a photo for them to choose a “headline” mascot.  The competition was stiff, what with Pelorous Jack the bullpup, Jenny the monkey, Steakers the cat, Tirpitz the pig, even old Trotsky the bear got in on the act.  Personally, I think it must have been a popularity contest, the honour of headline mascot was given to that upstart monkey from HMS New Zealand.  I’ve put up a picture, see what you think…I still think I would have done a great job.  Not that I’m complaining, I did get chosen to be the official blogger of the exhibition.

No, I’d never heard of a blogger either.  But turns out it is just someone who writes on the interweb about things that are happening in their lives.  Which when you think about it, is more important that just being a pretty poster boy.So I’ll be keeping you undated on what is happening in the exhibition, I might even be able to convince them to let you decide on a few things to be included in the exhibition.  I heard a rumour that there will even be an open day at the museum, where people can bring their pets down for a carnival, I’ll keep you posted.I also want to tell you a bit about my past and share some ditts (that’s stories for you non-jack speaking pups out there) from my past.  Oh the adventures I used to have…but that can wait for next time.

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Posted on September 26, 2012
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