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Leg One…. Loading

The day is here! Four museum artefacts and one Collection Manager are about to board a plane to the other side of the world. The Collection Manager’s first job is to check the packing of the two object crates (one containing the puipiu, the other 3 HMS NZ objects) into the dedicated airline container unit.
First the crates are weighed by the amazing spinning sensor:

Then they are loaded into a container unit. They have their own spacious container so they don’t have to go in with the live lobsters being packed alongside!

IMG_1794Plenty of tie-downs to keep everything in place and eliminate unnecessary movement…

Even though both the container unit and the crates are waterproof, some extra water plastic sheeting is put over it all…

And it’s ready to go!

Our Global Specialised Services rep will go onto the Tarmac to watch it being loaded then call through to confirm its onboard before the Collection Manager boards the plane.
We’re on our way!


IMG_1797 IMG_1795IMG_1801

Posted on May 11, 2016
Filed under: Commemorating Jutland - 100 years on

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