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A Voice from the Past »

February 26, 2014
Linda Gillingham, nee McBride, listens to her husbands voice for the first time since he was killed in 1945. Glen McBride’s aircraft was shot down over Japan on 10th August 1945, only five days before the Japanese surrender. They were married in April 1945 and spent just five weeks together before Glen returned to his […]
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Devonport Details and Design Lettering Art Exhibtion »

November 5, 2012
Margaret Woollett is a Lettering Artist from Narrowneck Auckland. Devonport Details and Design Lettering Art Exhibtion, hosted by the Navy Museum at Torpedo Bay Devonport Auckland New Zealand, is Margarets first solo exhibtion of her Lettering Art. This is the video of the exhibtion.    
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Breaking Down the Barriers »

August 14, 2012
The story of a very special exhibition.
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