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Tudor Collins at Macquarie Island »

March 4, 2014
Facing off with a Bull Elephant seal at Macquarie Island
In September 1950 the Royal Navy frigate HMS St Austell Bay, delivered a load of supplies to Macquarie Island and Tudor Collins went along to document the trip. HMS St Austell Bay was on a six month exchange with the New Zealand Navy and called in at several NZ ports on its way south. At Macquarie […]

A Voice from the Past »

February 26, 2014
Linda Gillingham, nee McBride, listens to her husbands voice for the first time since he was killed in 1945. Glen McBride’s aircraft was shot down over Japan on 10th August 1945, only five days before the Japanese surrender. They were married in April 1945 and spent just five weeks together before Glen returned to his […]
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Tudor Collins in the Pacific Islands »

December 3, 2013
Tudor Collins did several tours of the Pacific Islands on RNZN ships and the first images to come out are from trips on HMNZS Arbutus and HMNZS Bellona. HMNZS Arbutus was a Corvette commissioned into the RNZN in late 1944 for WW2 service in the Pacific, after which she did a couple of, “showing the […]
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Thanks to the Volunteers »

November 28, 2013
Robyn Entwistle unpacking transit boxes.
We have a couple of volunteers working with us on the Tudor Collins project, Robyn Entwistle and Kerryn Olsen. Without their help, sorting through and processing such a large amount of photographic material would take us more than twice as long, so we are very thankful for their input. Robyn, who has come up from Wellington […]

A selection of images from the Tudor Collins project, week one. »

November 26, 2013
Here’s a selection of images digitised from the glass plate collection in the Tudor Collins project. I’ll come back and add caption information as we get it. Click on the first image to get a larger image or a slide show.

The Tudor Collins Project »

WRENS on the Admirals barge, WW2
Welcome to the Tudor Collins Project. So, who was Tudor Collins? Among other things he was a bushman, a master mariner, a machine gunner, a farmer, a business man and most importantly to this project, a great photographer. He is probably best known for his beautiful photographs taken in the kauri forests of Northland where […]

Devonport Details and Design Lettering Art Exhibtion »

November 5, 2012
Margaret Woollett is a Lettering Artist from Narrowneck Auckland. Devonport Details and Design Lettering Art Exhibtion, hosted by the Navy Museum at Torpedo Bay Devonport Auckland New Zealand, is Margarets first solo exhibtion of her Lettering Art. This is the video of the exhibtion.    
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A tiki on my collar »

October 16, 2012
Me sitting for my offical portrait. You can see my tiki hanging from my collar. I had it polished for the occasion
Sorry I have been away for a while folks, it has been a very busy couple of weeks here at theNavyMuseum. The team were rushed off their feet with the busiest ever school holiday programme, Tiki Tag.  I’ll tell you, it brought back some memories…I remember when I was given a tiki by one of […]
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Well Underway… »

September 27, 2012
It has taken me 3 weeks to get myself  sorted and ready to actually publish this little comment and pics!….Oh what a wimp I am!….the  learning curve I am on in my mind seems so steep…in reality it is NOT!…..publish and move on ! The last couple of weeks have just flown by…..I have been […]

Let me introduce myself… »

September 26, 2012
Me just relaxing on the dock
Firstly, let me introduce myself.  My name is Hickleberry Hound, Hick for short.  I have the honour of being chosen by theNavyMuseumto represent my fellow animals who served in the navy.  Yes, you read right, I served in the navy.I served aboard HMNZS Hickleton during the Malayan/Indonesian confrontation in the ‘60s.  I was volunteered for […]
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