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The Naval Battle for Crete »

May 20, 2016
For the Navy the Battle for Crete covers the period from late April to early June 1941 and falls into two phases — the evacuation of troops from Greece to Crete; and the evacuation of Crete. The seven weeks prior to these operations the Navy had been fully occupied transporting troops to Greece. Operation LUSTRE […]
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National Museum of the Royal Navy welcomes artefacts »

May 16, 2016
It was a moving end to an important journey – on the afternoon of Thursday 12 May, the HMS New Zealand piupiu, along with the ship’s bell hanger, honours board, and the HMS Queen Mary ring bolt were welcomed to the National Museum of the Royal Navy. The London Ngati Ranana based welcomed the artefacts to the UK […]

Landed in England »

May 13, 2016
After around 24 hours of travel, it was great to see the unit containing the museum’s precious artefacts again shortly after arrival at London Heathrow. As a “witness load”, the container could not be unpacked until the museum courier and art moving company reps were present at one of the cargo warehouses. It was great […]

Leg One…. Loading »

May 11, 2016
The day is here! Four museum artefacts and one Collection Manager are about to board a plane to the other side of the world. The Collection Manager’s first job is to check the packing of the two object crates (one containing the puipiu, the other 3 HMS NZ objects) into the dedicated airline container unit. […]

The Journey Begins…. »

The four HMS New Zealand artefacts, destined for the National Museum of the Royal Navy, have begun their journey from Devonport to Portsmouth. Mike & Derek from Global Specialised Services collected the objects from the museum collection store and carefully packed & loaded them into their truck. They will be taken to be crated for […]

HMS New Zealand Piupiu »

April 27, 2016
The piupiu was gifted to Captain Lionel Halsey RN Commanding Officer of the battleship HMS NEW ZEALAND during the ships visit to New Zealand in 1913. The provenance, and in particular the gifting iwi of the piupiu, cannot, at this stage, be substantiated. Halsey himself wrote only that the piupiu was presented “by a Maori […]

Dazzle ships »

March 21, 2016
A brief history of Dazzle Dazzle paint was developed by the artist Norman Wilkinson and used on ships in the First and Second World Wars to confuse the eyes of the enemy. Dazzle isn’t camouflage: it was realised very early on that it would be impossible to give a ship one paint scheme that would […]
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HMNZ Ships Moa and Kiwi »

January 29, 2016
Background Three small Bird class corvettes ordered in 1939, HMNZS Moa, Tui, and Kiwi were built by Henry Robb Ltd., of Leith, Scotland between 1940 and 1941. This class was based on the design of an experimental Royal Navy minesweeping trawler were the first new ships to enter service with the Royal New Zealand Navy, […]
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January 19, 2016
HMS Leander was built in His Majesty’s Dockyard Devonport, England, being the name ship for a class of light cruisers. Leander was laid down on 8 September 1930, launched on 24 September 1931 and commissioned into the Royal Navy on 23 March 1933. The ship was acquired by New Zealand, on loan; along with a […]
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Calliope Dock »

January 18, 2016
The dry dock, along with the pump house, are two of the oldest and most significant maritime related structures in New Zealand. Its construction was one of the largest and most difficult engineering works undertaken in New Zealand during the 19th century. In May 1881 the Auckland Harbour Board (AHB) voted in favour of Devonport. […]
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